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About Ignite Couples Massage Workshops!

Deepen your relationship, enrich your communication, and spend quality time laughing and learning a new skill with your loved one at our Couples Massage and Connection Workshop.

The Couples Massage Workshop is an enjoyable and transformational experience filled with fun, practical and simple tools and techniques to help strengthen or restore your connection and communication with your partner.

Learn easy-to-follow techniques and sequences to give your partner a relaxing massage, release tension and stress and build communication. Both you and your partner will take turns applying these techniques with the guidance of our qualified massage therapist.

You will learn how to:

  • Deliver an amazing massage to your partner without sacrificing your body while doing it
  • Understand the techniques behind a relaxing massage
  • How to increase your non-verbal communication and strengthen the connection with your partner through the power of touch
  • Create a more supportive and affectionate relationship through the power of touch

What is Included?

  • Guided step-by-step massage course
  • Communication and connection techniques
  • Tips to deepen connection, communication, and appreciation for your partner
  • Lots of fun

Couples Massage Workshops Options!

At our in-person workshops, you and your partner will join other couples to learn how to massage each other in a supportive and fun environment. These workshops are held at different venues around Brisbane. To see the date and more information about our next in person workshop click here.

Learn how to appreciate your partner through the positive power of touch from the comfort of your home. You will receive access to our step by step massage videos. In your own time you can learn different techniques and become an expert in giving your partner a relaxing massage.

Prefer a more intimate and personalized experience while learning how to massage your partner? This private coaching session is for you and your partner only. Sit back and relax when our therapist comes to your home and teaches you and your partner massage techniques and a sequence that work for both of you. Our therapist is able to guide you and give you tips and tricks that are specific to your needs.

Get a group of friends together for a Couples Massage Workshop. One of our therapists will come to your home and teach you and your friends how to give a relaxing massage. You can choose between a seated head, neck and shoulder or arms, hands and foot massage. This is great for a special event. Private Groups start from 3 couples.

We have different workshops focusing on different areas!

This workshop is a great starting point to learn the basics of massage. We will be covering the head, neck and shoulders. You will leave the workshop knowing techniques to relieve muscular tension, headaches and make your partner feel at ease.

In this workshop you will learn how to give a great hand and feet massage without missing the arms and legs. In everyday life we walk, stand and sit and are constantly busy with our hands, whether it be typing, writing or using our mobile phone. Everyone will benefit from this workshop.

Feeling stiff in your back? Is picking something up from the floor harder? Then this workshop is for you. Learn how to relieve your partners back tension to help them feel amazing again.

Couples Massage FAQs

No, all are welcome! Many friends and family members also love attending together.

Yes! Massage is incredibly beneficial for pregnant women and the techniques taught at the workshop are safe during pregnancy.

Please let our professionals know of any prior or existing injuries or conditions.

Please let our professionals know of any allergies you may have.

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