• This amazing trigger point tool will help you to release tight muscles precisely in particular spots. The 6 edges of the trigger hex allow you to trigger your muscles where they are sore. This tool works similarly to a massage therapist's thumb. You can use it, e.g. on your back, around the shoulder blade, your chest muscle or your glutes, to name a few.
  • Releases sore muscles with ease using our trigger point massage ball. Perfect to use for your prehab or rehab. Roll your muscles for a few minutes to increase your range of motion, decrease muscle soreness, speed up recovery and increase mobility.
  • This Spiky Ball is ideal for increasing the blood flow to help to minimise pain and discomfort. The soft spikes simulate the rejuvenating effects of a soothing sports massage. Performing self-massage exercises and muscle release techniques are easy with our spiky ball; simply roll the ball across sore muscles.
  • Ignite Massage Candle

    Light, Melt, Massage... Indulge in a sensory journey with our Ignite Massage Candles, where light, melt, and massage converge for an unforgettable experience. Crafted with care, these candles blend the warmth of soy wax with the richness of shea butter and cocoa butter, ensuring a luxurious and soothing touch. Choose from a selection of six delightful scents to enhance your at-home oasis.  
  • Our Pure Ignite Massage Oil is the fastest way to appreciate your partner and your partner to appreciate you. Make the time you spend together quality time. It absorbs well and promotes skin health. The texture gives a smooth glide and easy workability to the skin surface, making massaging effortless.    
  • This towel wrap is a must for everyone who loves being comfortable and practical. You can use this towel wrap when being massaged to dry after a shower, a pool party, the jacuzzi or the beach. You can get changed without the worry of the towel fall. You will enjoy smooth, dry skin and feel classy and comfortable.
  • Our General Purpose Massager provides a serious massage that gives professional results wether you are a practitioner who wants to be more efficient and effective or a client who wants to use one on themselves at home. This massager is extremely easy to use and capable of a wide variety of tasks, ranging from relaxation massage through to specific deep work.
  • Our tinted BB cream with 30 SPF is a multitasking formula containing peptides, vitamin B3, Olive oil, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid & Lactic acid. This cream truly is a skincare staple, providing 30+ sun protection, a tinted finish to cover any imperfections and the added benefits of moisturising and nourishing skincare ingredients. VEGAN
  • - myHydraGlowmini - COMPLEXION ROLLER perfect Gift for smashing glowing skin
  • Our Ignite Massage Melts are the perfect addition to your relaxing massage. The melts are soy wax based and will melt at a low temperature. You will enjoy a nice relaxing massage with a soothing warm massage melt without burning the skin. How to use it:
    1. Place the Melt in a Melt Burner and light the candle underneath.  Allow a small melt pool to form.
    2. Extinguish the flame and allow the melt pool to cool, so it is not too hot to touch.
    3. Pour the desired amount onto your hands or directly onto the skin.
    4. Massage and enjoy!
  • Our Ignite Melt Burner is the perfect addition to your relaxing massage. Pair with our Massage Melts for the Ultimate Relaxation! Suitable for Wax Melts or Fragrance Oils. Our stylish and neutral melt- and oil burner can be used as a diffuser, burner, or great decoration for living room, balcony, patio, porch & garden, office or yoga studio for relaxation. It is also the best gift to your parents or friends.
  • This potent gel made from natural blemish-fighting ingredients is essential for those with problematic skin or those who suffer periodic breakouts. Enriched with Australian Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle to kill surface bacteria, and Pineapple and White Willow Bark to dissolve dead skin and prevent future breakouts. A natural alternative to harsh chemical-based blemish treatments which does not disrupt the skin’s natural balance.


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